PAIXNIDOSWMA 150 150 Loukas Charala


PAIXNIDOSWMA is a comprehensive and constantly evolving methodology, which results from the synthesis of humanistic approaches, theatre techniques and movement. The methodology can be applied to any group of people who wish to experientially know and experience holistically, a way to exist and coexist safely, to evolve in whatever direction of the “well-being” targets they…

Hellenic Youth Participation 150 150 Loukas Charala

Hellenic Youth Participation

Hellenic Youth Participation is an educational organisation aiming to empower young people and bring them in touch with their fellow citizens in the local, national and international levels. The organisation offers opportunities for personal development, youth participation, well-being, mindfulness, environmental protection, and arts, through innovative and engaging activities.

Go Alive 150 150 Loukas Charala

Go Alive

GO ALIVE is a youth NGO based in a rural area, Kozani, Greece. The organisation aims to empower young people through non-formal activities to develop new skills, build a strong sense of community, become mindful and improve their well-being as well. Also, GO ALIVE promotes intercultural dialogue and mobility among young people. The organisation suggests…

Wellbeingr – The source of life 150 150 Loukas Charala

Wellbeingr – The source of life

Wellbeingr is an organisation operating in Greece, focusing on raising awareness and promoting the positive impacts of wellbeing to the human health and environment. It offers a holistic approach to educating people to care for their well-being by implementing seminars and workshops, sporting events, research and other activities promoting well-being in different sectors and taking…

Make Use 150 150 Loukas Charala

Make Use

Make Use is a group of young people based in Larissa, Greece. Through their activities and projects, they aim to motivate young people to express themselves. The group organizes workshops, events and non-formal educational activities to actively involve young people in the local community and the public space.

Athens Comic Library 150 150 Loukas Charala

Athens Comic Library

Athens Comic Library was designed as a corner of inspiration, exploration, creativity and participation. The library serves as a hub for public meetings and ideas exchange. It hosts exhibitions, talks, presentations and seminars. In parallel, the library hosts the innovative project of “prescribing libraries” aiming to promote young people’s mental health.

Angles of Joy 150 150 Loukas Charala

Angles of Joy

Angels of Joy is a team of professionals which offers psychological support through art to the vulnerable groups of society, aiming to improve their daily lives. They carry out music therapy, theatrical performances, psychoeducational artistic programs, and music and dance programmes for young people and children from vulnerable groups, people with disabilities, and elderly people.


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