• March 23, 2023

Welcome to the second newsletter of the FINER Project

Welcome to the second newsletter of the FINER Project

Welcome to the second newsletter of the FINER Project 448 321 admin

Welcome to the second newsletter of the
FINER – Find your INner powER – Project!

In this newsletter, we will update you on the progress we have made in developing the FINER project in the last six months, and on our plans for the future.

Launching our Well-Being E-Book

The FINER project partners have been working over the last six months to develop a unique well-being e-Book for young adults, seeking to re-build their well-being routines in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the FINER project, the project partners are aiming to provide young adults and adult educators with a variety of different well-being
resources, so that they can help to build back their sense of well-being since the pandemic.

Through this e-book, we provide theory and some practical activities for young adults so that they can understand more about their well-being and key factors that impact it. To ensure the quality and relevance of this e-book for young adults in our communities, all partners have completed peer review and have sought feedback from adult educators and young adults who are external to our organisations, to make sure that the FINER Well-Being E-Book is fit-for-purpose. After all feedback rounds, we have make revisions and refinements to the content of the e-book, and we are delighted to be able to promote the FINER Well-Being E-Book with you today.

To access this e-book, please visit: FINER WellBeing E-Book and if you find the articles and activities useful in supporting you to manage your well-being, please send us a message or leave us a comment through our social media. Thank you

FINER Team Updates

As well as developing our Well-Being E-Book, which we are very proud of, the last six months have been busy for the FINER team with other tasks. For example, all partners met in Turin, where we were hosted by the University of Turin during their month-long chocolate festival. As well as sampling the delicious chocolate, all partners were able to meet together to discuss our next important steps in developing some learning materials for adult educators and young adults. These learning materials include both the FINER Target Finder Toolkit and the Online 3D Mall. The Target Finder Toolkit is currently being developed, and we hope to be able to share this with you soon in English.

This Toolkit is designed as a coaching and mentoring resource which adult educators can use with young adults to support them in understanding their well-being, and in taking the next steps in their well-being journeys. Here, adult educators will be supported to coach young adults to ‘jump outside their comfort zone’ and to start to re-build their confidence in the world in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Partners are also working to develop learning content for our impressive Online 3D Mall Platform – an online platform which will host videos, activities, podcasts, quizzes, games and other digital materials that will allow both educators and young adults to build healthy and robust well-being routines and habits. This 3D Mall is built around a self-help and self-study model, which means that young adults and the educators that support them, can access these materials at times and places that are convenient to them. This 3D Mall will be launched in summer 2023, and we are so excited to share this result with you!

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FINER is being promoted by a team of 6 organizations from across Europe

Project reference number: 2021-1-DE02-KA220-ADU-000029834
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