Greetings, dear readers! Today we are pleased to share the inspiring experience of the FINER (Find your INner powER) training program held in the beautiful city of Turin from June 27, 2023 to June 29, 2023. This three-day trip, organized by UniTo and The RuralHub, was all about honing skills, promoting inclusion and unleashing our inner power.

Day 1: Becoming inclusive and empathetic European citizens

The training began with much enthusiasm as 16 participants gathered in the Aula Massucco-Costa of the College of Turin. The first day focused on the essence of inclusivity and empathy in both personal and professional contexts. Through interactive sessions and engaging activities, participants learned about the power of language that puts people first, fosters empathy, and builds respect.

The day began with an icebreaker activity called “Design Your Dream European Identity”. Participants got creative and designed their own European passports that symbolized their values and aspirations. This activity set the tone for an inclusive environment where the perspectives of all participants were valued.

Subsequent sessions delved into the importance of inclusion and accessibility. Participants gained insight into the challenges facing the Deaf community and learned how inclusion and awareness can make a difference. It was encouraging to observe the participants’ growing understanding and appreciation of diversity.

But it did not stop there. The training took an exciting turn when participants were surprised with a special cultural activity inspired by the famous “Mission Impossible” series. They were divided into teams and presented with challenging tasks that tested their problem-solving, teamwork and communication skills. The “Mission Impossible” activity brought excitement and camaraderie to the training and highlighted the importance of working together to achieve common goals.

Day 2: Enhancing well-being and personal development

The second day of the FINER project was dedicated to enhancing the mind and body. The icebreaker activity “Draw Yourself” proved to be a delightful experience as participants creatively expressed themselves through self-portraits. This activity strengthened bonds within the group and fostered an inclusive atmosphere.

Mindfulness was the focus of the next session, in which participants learned various techniques for managing emotions and stress. Breathing exercises, body scans, and visualization exercises helped them find inner peace and focus on the present moment.

The workshop on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) was an important part of the day. Participants explored the meaning of their values and how those values can make meaningful changes in their lives. The workshop empowered them to strengthen their resilience and approach obstacles with a fresh perspective.

Before lunch, participants took part in an event led by Cellock Ltd. that energized them. The experiential activities aimed to bring out the best in each individual and promote teamwork, communication and personal growth. Participants were encouraged to step out of their comfort zone, build self-confidence and overcome challenges together.

The group also visited Green Pea, a unique place dedicated to sustainability and wellness, in the afternoon. The visit was related to one of the results of the project FINER: the Online 3D Mall.

Day 3: Connecting with inner strength and celebration

The last day was a celebration of inner strength and well-being. A rejuvenating yoga session led by an experienced young instructor from the Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. provided the perfect start to the day. Participants connected with their mind, body and spirit and left the session with renewed strength and clarity.

The workshop that followed, led by The Rural Hub, focused on promoting wellness in daily life. Participants learned about the “5 Ways to Wellness” and discovered practical strategies to prioritize self-care. They were encouraged to complete a wellness planner in which they envisioned everyday practices that would promote their well-being. Armed with their personal wellness plans, they left the event with a commitment to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

At the conclusion of the training, the hosts thanked the participants for their active participation and commitment. Each participant received a well-deserved certificate acknowledging their accomplishments during the program.

The real highlight, however, was the highly anticipated competition for funny awards. Laughter filled the room as participants shared funny moments and celebrated the wonderful diversity within the group. This light-hearted and joyful event reminded us that inclusion and understanding thrive only when we acknowledge each other’s uniqueness.

The FINER project was not just a training program, but a transformative journey that fostered empathy, self-awareness, and inclusivity. As participants said goodbye to Turin, they took away fond memories, new friendships, and a strengthened sense of belonging to the European community.

The spirit of the FINER project will live on in the hearts of these people as they make positive changes in their lives and spread empathy and inclusion throughout their communities.

Until we meet again for another extraordinary adventure, remember to always harness your inner strength and promote a world where empathy knows no boundaries!

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