• March 18, 2024

FINER: Find your INner powER online event in Ireland

FINER: Find your INner powER online event in Ireland

FINER: Find your INner powER online event in Ireland 1024 544 Olga Yocheva

In December 2023 and January 2024, as part of the “Find your INner powER” (FINER) project, The Rural Hub hosted two online multiplier events. The aim of these events was to raise awareness about the importance of nurturing our well-being, especially in online communities, and to provide participants with valuable resources, including the Well Being E-Book, the Target Finder Toolkit, and the Online 3D Mall platform.

The two-hour multiplier sessions, held on 13th December 2023, and 16th January 2024, were hosted online using Zoom. These events were widely promoted online using the Eventbrite platform, which has a national reach. As such, these sessions attracted a diverse audience with a genuine interest in well-being and coping with challenging situations.

Despite challenges like internet dropouts in the second session, the online multiplier events drew considerable interest. The first session saw 10 registrations with 3 online participants, while the second session attracting 25 registrations and 17 attendees. Both sessions followed a structured agenda, incorporating engaging activities to keep participants actively involved. From icebreaker activities like the “One Word (or One Image) Activity” to in-depth presentations on the Well Being E-Book, Target Finder Toolkit, and Online 3D Mall platform, the agenda catered to the diverse interests of the attendees.

The success of these online training sessions reinforces the importance of accessible and interactive platforms for promoting well-being. As participants continue to benefit from the FINER project’s resources, we expect that there will be a positive ripple effect on self-care practices and overall well-being. The FINER project will therefore remain dedicated to its mission of empowering individuals and communities, with future events and initiatives on the horizon.

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