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Discover the Games Corner, your gateway to exploring the transformative power of games on mental and physical health. Dive into a selection of interactive games, insightful activities, and engaging quizzes designed to enlighten and inspire wellness through play.

Watch this short video to get a brief introduction to the topic. Here, we’ll be diving into how games can impact our physical and mental health, and how we can make informed choices to improve our overall well-being.

Rollin' with Mental Health

“Rollin’ with Mental Health” is a game with three increasing difficulty rounds, where each question has only one correct answer, and outside help is not allowed. It focuses on enhancing mental health awareness, featuring various categories such as true/false, multiple choice, and fill-in-the-blanks.


Here’s a funny little online learning game dealing with a big serious topic: “Our food system is broken. But together we can fix it!”

This is the special FINER version of a word guessing game, including 36 FINER Emotion Cards. The “emotional” hat game shows that emotions can also be expressed in completely different ways.

A game for emotional support. The game contains emotion cards that are handed out to the participants, each person talks about the emotion that happened to them while the others talk about that emotion and support the participant. The game also includes challenges that can be linked to the emotion such as breathing techniques.

It is a game that combines exploration, physical exercise and creativity. It encourages you to get out of your house and see the streets and alleys of your city differently through photos or objects that you and your friends have agreed beforehand to look for in a game of discovery.


In this podcast, you will delve deeper into the topic and learn lots of helpful tips to boost your wellbeing.

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