Tellerrand e.V. 150 150 Loukas Charala

Tellerrand e.V.

Über den Tellerrand e.V. was founded in Berlin in 2014. With their projects inside and outside Berlin that revolve around cooking and eating together, the association creates spaces where people from different cultures can meet at eye level and get to know each other in an unbiased way. With their work, they want to make…

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Frauengesundheitszentrum 150 150 Loukas Charala


The Women’s Health Centre is a protected place where women can receive advice on health and life issues, get information and exchange ideas with each other. While the centre supports women in their individual concerns, it also always takes a look at the social contexts that endanger the health and well-being of women and actively…

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Männernetzwerk Dresden e.V. 150 150 Loukas Charala

Männernetzwerk Dresden e.V.

The aim of the Männernetzwerk Dresden e.V. is to make offers for boys and men public and to support the expansion of actions and projects on the topic. In addition, the association offers interesting topics, especially for men, about which they can inform themselves or enter into conversation. The offer includes a variety of initiatives…

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Früherkennungszentrum “Dresden früh dran” 150 150 Loukas Charala

Früherkennungszentrum “Dresden früh dran”

The Early Intervention Centre Dresden Früh dran! offers contact, diagnostic and mediation services when stressful changes in thinking, feeling and acting occur in the lives of young adults. As mediators, trained staff want to recognise the early signs of a mental disorder or an increased risk of illness in good time and offer the necessary…

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Irrsinnig Menschlich e.V. 150 150 Loukas Charala

Irrsinnig Menschlich e.V.

Irrsinnig Menschlich e.V. is a non-profit organisation dedicated to cross-sectoral activities in the fields of education (school, vocational training, studies) and health (prevention, care). Its core competence is to develop and test universal prevention and health promotion programmes for young people and to implement and disseminate them together with partners at regional and supra-regional level.

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transCampus “Resilience and well-being of entrepreneurs through the COVID-19 pandemic” 150 150 Loukas Charala

transCampus “Resilience and well-being of entrepreneurs through the COVID-19 pandemic”

The transCampus between Technical University Dresden and King’s College London is a transnational strategic partnership between two high-ranking universities with shared deans, professors and administrative structures. The transCampus funding programme aims to strengthen cooperation between the two universities and therefore supports initiatives that initiate or expand different forms of cooperation.

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