Enjoy Italy 150 150 Loukas Charala

Enjoy Italy

Enjoy Italy is an organisation dedicated to promoting green and sustainable initiatives among young people. They strive to create a more sustainable future by engaging youth in environmental projects and promoting eco-friendly practices. Their youth projects focus on raising awareness, education, and practical actions that contribute to a greener and more sustainable Italy.

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CESIE 150 150 Loukas Charala


CESIE is a dynamic organisation committed to promoting green initiatives and well-being among young people. With a focus on sustainability, they develop projects that raise awareness about environmental issues and empower young individuals to become agents of change. Through innovative programs, CESIE fosters well-being by providing opportunities for personal growth, environmental education, and sustainable practices.

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NET association 150 150 Loukas Charala

NET association

Associazione Net is a non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering young people. With a focus on youth development, they provide a wide range of programs and initiatives aimed at fostering personal growth, social inclusion, and skills development. Through their diverse projects, Associazione Net aims to inspire and support young individuals to reach their full potential, promoting…

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Fondazione Capta Onlus 150 150 Loukas Charala

Fondazione Capta Onlus

Centro Capta is a counseling center that focuses on supporting young people. They offer counseling sessions tailored to the unique needs of young individuals, providing a safe and supportive environment for personal growth and well-being. Centro Capta’s dedicated team of professionals offers guidance, therapy, and mental health support to empower young people on their journey…

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ERGON a favore dei Sordi 150 150 Loukas Charala

ERGON a favore dei Sordi

Ergon4Deaf is an organisation supporting the d/Deaf community. With a café featuring farm-to-table products from their own garden, they provide a unique experience for d/Deaf individuals. Their holistic approach focuses on inclusivity, promoting sign language, and offering educational programs.

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Microkosmos 150 150 Loukas Charala


Microkosmos is an NGO dedicated to promoting well-being among vulnerable youth. Through tailored programs, mentorship and skill-building workshops, they empower young people to overcome challenges, build resilience, and enhance their emotional and practical skills.

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