• August 2, 2023

Yes We Can Clinics

Yes We Can Clinics

Yes We Can Clinics 150 150 Loukas Charala

Yes We Can Youth Clinics treats teenagers and young adults with a 10-week treatment programme followed by a tailor-made aftercare programme. The treatment programme in the clinic consists of daily group sessions, multiple one-on-one sessions every week, psycho-education, various evidence-based therapies and challenging sports and outdoor activities that contribute to the treatment programme’s goals. By doing this seven days a week from 7 in the morning to 10.30 at night, structure, hope and good prospects return – step by step. Over 300 driven (healthcare) professionals work at Yes We Can. That team is a conscious combination of three disciplines: 1) the healthcare professionals such as psychiatrists, psychologists and medical staff, 2) the experts by experience and 3) the youth coaches that encourage and support the young people unconditionally, 24/7.

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