Nutrition Corner

In the Nutrition Corner you will find easy but healthy and nutritious recipes along with tips that will help you on your journey of enhancing your mental well-being. From an alternative muffin to the classic chilli con carne recipe and then to the most delicious fish you’ve ever tasted.

Watch this short video to get a brief introduction to the topic. Learn how different foods can affect our physical and mental health and how we can improve our overall wellbeing through conscious choices.

Nutrition Quiz

Welcome to our Nutrition Quiz! If you want to test your knowledge about nutrition and learn more about healthy eating, you’ve come to the right place. This quiz consists of 10 multiple-choice and true or false questions covering various aspects of nutrition. Let’s get started! After completing the quiz, you’ll receive feedback on your answers, including information about which foods are high in fat, recommended daily intake, sources of essential nutrients, and more.


Here’s the recipe for the vegan chili version: a simple and flavourful alternative to the “con carne” classic. This will also make a good party meal with friends or family.

A cake hybrid! Carrot banana cake is essentially a delicious fusion of carrot cake and banana bread. Here you can find this alternative recipe.

An easy, quick and definitely nutritious cooking option is fish. However, many people don’t choose it as they don’t know the secrets to making it really tasty. Here is the recipe for fish with herbs and onions.


In this podcast, you will delve deeper into the topic and learn lots of helpful tips to boost your wellbeing.

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