Wellness Corner

Welcome to our wellness corner, where we will be exploring the connection between physical activity and overall wellness. Here you will find 4 guides with practical tips and activities, an exciting quiz, a podcast and a short introductory video. So, are you ready to take charge of your well-being and improve your physical and mental health?

Watch this short video to get a brief introduction to the topic. Here, we’ll be diving into how physical activity can impact our physical and mental health, and how we can make informed choices to improve our overall well-being.

Wellness Quiz

Hey, have you noticed how “wellness” has become a buzzword lately? It means something different to everyone, right? That’s because wellness is affected by so many different aspects of our lives. It includes our emotional, mental, and physical health, as well as the connections between them. We all have our own unique definition of wellness and our own way of achieving it. So don’t worry if your approach to wellness looks different from someone else’s – that’s totally normal!


Never give up on your dreams. This little exercise invites you to go on a daydream journey

Shake, sway and dance as the mood takes you. This exercise invites you to find your inner power by finding your own rhythm.

With this practice of controlled and focused breathing your stress will be reduced to manageable levels. If you even put this exercise into your daily routine the benefits can be long term.

Stretch your body to feel better! Here are a number of stretches you can do anywhere.


In this podcast, you will delve deeper into the topic and learn lots of helpful tips to boost your wellbeing.


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