• March 18, 2024

FINER: Find your INner powER event in Italy

FINER: Find your INner powER event in Italy

FINER: Find your INner powER event in Italy 1024 544 Olga Yocheva

On January 29, 2024, the University of Turin was abuzz with the energy of educators, youth workers, and specialists who gathered for the much-anticipated “Find your INner powER” face-to-face multiplier event. This gathering marked a significant milestone for the FINER project, aiming to enhance intercultural competencies and address the well-being of youth in the post-pandemic era.

The event’s agenda was meticulously crafted, including workshops on intercultural competence, the unveiling of the Well Being E-Book, and interactive sessions on the Target Finder Toolkit and Online 3D Mall. The hands-on approach allowed the participants to not only learn about the tools but also experience them in real-time.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with 89% of attendees expressing high satisfaction. A noteworthy 65% of the participants, currently working with NEETs, found the material especially relevant. An impressive 92% plan to use the resources provided, and 78% felt inspired to promote the innovative Online Mall.

The “Find your INner powER” event demonstrated that when passionate individuals come together, the journey toward enhancing well-being and intercultural understanding can be both impactful and joyful.

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