Welcome to the first Newsletter of the FINER-Find your INner powER-Project!

What is FINER About?

FINER stands for Find your INner powER. With this name in mind, you can probably guess that our project aims to boost the well-being of young adults in our communities, so that they can be supported to Find THEIR Inner Power

Since the COVID_19 pandemic, it is no secret that young adults have been suffering in terms of their social, emotional, and mental well-being. Through this project, we aim to develop a range of self-care and self-help learning materials that can be used by young adults, so that they can bounce back from the difficulties of the previous years, and regain confidence in themselves, and in the world.

No young person ever thought that they would have lived through a pandemic; and while we are starting to see a return to “normal”, or pre-pandemic life across Europe today, the scars of the pandemic are still there.

People are nervous, and rightly so, what we lived through was frightening. However, with FINER, we aim to support young adults across Europe to grow in confidence that “normal” life and “normal” routines are possible again.

How will we achieve this?

How will we achieve this, you ask? That is a very good question, because we know that what we are proposing sounds ambitious!FINER will produce and deliver three unique learning resources, that will engage both young adults and the educators who support them, to address the well-being needs of young adults in the post-pandemic society.

These include:

A Well-Being E-Book, which delivers relevant guidance and information to young adults to support them to understand and manage their well- being

A Target Finder Toolkit, which will support educators to engage young adults in planning for their post-pandemic lives

An Online 3D Mall Platform, which will be presented as an interactive digital world, where young adults and educators can access self-help, and self-study materials to support their well-being. This Platform will also sign-post young adults and educators to available services and supports to address well-being in Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Ireland, and Italy

The Team behind FINER.

FINER is being promoted by a team of 6 organisations from across Europe:
Find out more about our unique well-being project at:


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