Empowering young adults with the FINER MAPPING!

Empowering young adults with the FINER MAPPING! 1024 544 admin

Empowering young adults with the FINER MAPPING!

Young adults face many challenges as they transition from adolescence to adulthood, especially in the aftermath of the COVID 19 pandemic. These challenges include mental health issues, career development, education and personal development. The FINER project recognises the importance of addressing these issues and aims to support young adults to develop resilience and promote their own well-being.

In an effort to promote the wellbeing of young adults, FINER partners have helped to create a map of services in each participating country and in other countries across Europe. Each partner from the FINER project team was tasked with identifying and collecting information on organisations or associations in their city, country or other European country that work to promote the well-being and empowerment of young adults. These diverse initiatives include mentoring programmes, mental health support, career guidance, educational opportunities and much more. On the FINER MAPPING website https://finerproject.eu/en/mapping/ you can find out about 58 organisations that support young adults to live well and practice self-care and resilience. This site has been designed as an interactive online map to showcase these initiatives and help young adults across Europe to improve their wellbeing.

Our FINER MAPPING provides young adults with a central and easily accessible resource that simplifies the often overwhelming process of seeking help. In times of stress or crisis, an easily accessible signpost to support services can make all the difference in helping young adults quickly find the help they need. Mapping also promotes awareness of the wide range of support options available – from psychological counselling and career guidance to educational opportunities and community organisations. Finally, mapping promotes resilience building by encouraging proactive engagement. When young adults know what support services are available to them, they are more likely to take proactive steps towards personal growth and well-being. Mapping becomes a tool for self-empowerment, motivating people to seek help when needed, learn new skills and build resilience in the face of challenges. To learn more about our mapping, visit this website today: https://finerproject.eu/en/mapping/

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